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"The passion that flows from a pure heart is stronger than all life obstacles."

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"Technique, Styling, Femininity"

For all of you ladies who wish to bring their dancing skills to another level. Classes emphasize the pleasure of dancing, fluidity of movement, improved posture and increased self confidence. It will help you develop your own unique style through technique, control and grace.


The main goal is to help you build a healthy and balanced body, gain confidence and make you feel great dancing, thanks to a large offer of classes which makes it unique in the market.


Ella is best known for her technique and styling classes. With years of experience in the world of salsa dancing, Ella brings a unique blend of skill, creativity, and energy to every class. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced dancer wanting to refine your technique, Ella's classes are designed to cater to dancers of all levels. Each class is prepared concentrating on specific moves and steps. From the fundamentals and technique through advanced shines and attitude combined with body movement and arm styling, you'll learn all you need on how to style. Breaking down all the movements and giving you all the necessary explanations will allow you to progress and improve your dance abilities. All that to make you feel great in your body and with your dancing. Her infectious enthusiasm and patient teaching style create a fun and supportive environment where you can grow as a dancer. Join Ella's salsa classes and let her guide you on a journey of rhythm, movement, and self-expression.


We are waiting for you!

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About Me

Born and raised in Zagreb, now living in Paris, Ella is one of the best-known salsa instructors and dancers. She made her first dance steps early in childhood and for the last 15 years she has been dancing salsa intensively. From an early age, she was active in dance and sports: ballet, folklore and various martial arts.

Today as a solo artist, instructor and choreographer, she wants to share her knowledge and passion for dance around the world. With her ladies Boot camps, her goal is to encourage women to believe in themselves. She believes that with hard work, dedication and right attitude you can achieve everything. You are unstoppable.

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