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If you want to train, learn and sweat then this project is perfect for you. Join this new adventure and create memories taking this unique opportunity to give the best of you!

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Welcome dear students, this area is dedicated to you. This is the section where you can access your online choreography videos. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if something is missing here.


The choreography consists of 3 parts. In over 4 hours of learning and training you will master the whole choreography whether it's for a performance or a personal challenge. Olé is a strong and delicate piece, a fusion of Salsa and Flamenco. The style of choreography that combines the basic mambo technique together with other dance style but maintains its autonomy among it. Filled with intensity, attitude and sensuality it allows you to challenge your body and mind through dance. Get out of your comfort zone, let go and have fun discovering new styles. The complete choreography course is available in replay for 90 days.

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