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Join the online academy and access online programs with top courses from anywhere you are. Our virtual salsa classes offer a convenient and fun way to learn this vibrant and energetic dance style. Full hour lessons, from beginner to advanced, covering a wide range of subjects and different styles. Learn directly from Ella, train your mambo technique and learn complex choreographies with ease and at your own pace.

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Online Academy Offer


Technique / Styling / Femininity


Develop your own unique style through technique, control and grace !

         Let's get funky !

Classes filled with good energy and good vibes - 1 hour of non stop dancing, grooving and fun guaranteed!

Challenging and intensive program, taking your dancing to the next level, embracing new habits.

Allow yourself a better capacity to express, create and dance with fluidity !

Learn a new choreography online !

If you want to train, learn and sweat then this project is perfect for you. Course created for dancers who are intermediate or advanced level. Modification options are available for beginners so everyone is welcome! 

Join this new adventure and create new memories taking this unique opportunity to give the best of you !

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