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Arc-En-Ciel 🌈

The video that always brings back the strongest memories... My first ever choreography :-)

Exactly 6 years ago, the choreography Arc-En-Ciel changed everything, and was the moment when a dancer became a choreographer ♥️ Each choreography was a new adventure for me, a completely different universe that I tried to create, depending on the song, the attitude and the style of the choreography and how I wanted to engage the audience. What brought me to choreography was the desire to transmit something, to share my passion and my knowledge... In essence pedagogy. Along with it developed the idea of having my own ladies team as well ;-)

I'm passionate about dancing and creating and even if I went through some tough moments these experiences made me grow as a dancer, teacher and a person. I'll be always grateful for every student and dancer I met along the way and for all the memories we created together!

Sweet beginnings... My pachanga choreography "Arc-En-Ciel" Even if it was the first one, it still remains one of my favorite pieces. Enjoy it guys💋

🎥 @Starmambovideo

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