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Beginner Advanced Classes!

Whether you’re a beginner who is just starting out or an advanced dancer looking for in-depth training this classes are just what you need. Every class is thoughtfully designed so you can work on fundamentals, learn basic steps and turns as well as full routines from different styles such a salsa, cha cha cha & boogaloo or pachanga. While in person classes are temporarily suspended try a platform Online Academy “Lady Style by Ella” where the recorded classes allow you to learn at your own pace! Today we are all looking for more of the social aspects which is great with life classes but there’s so many advantages for beginner dancers with online platform like this so check it out -> With the recorded class, you can :

1) Take classes on your own schedule 2) You have control of your class which is perfect for beginners with slower pick up 3) You can repeat parts or the entire class as many times as you want/need!

Perfect for perfectionists :-) Here are some tips for taking my online classes! Create a dedicated dance space in your home

1) Test your camera set up 2) Move some of your lighter furniture to the edges of the room 3) Test what’s most comfortable to dance in: dance shoes, socks or bare foot

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down All of my classes start with a basic warm-up but why not doing a warm-up routine to be fully prepared for the class. After each class use an easy stretch routine for your cool down. Take classes in different levels This way you can work on your basics and fundamentals or challenge yourselves to learn an advanced routine. Remember to ask for feedback I love seeing my students train and improve so don’t be afraid to post a dance video and tag me :-) Hope my advice will help and that you’ll enjoy dancing online with me :-) Here is a demo from one of my beginners classes 🌸

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