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🎼Cha Cha Cha🎼

If you feel like dancing, need some good energy and positive vibes, join my online classes and connect to Online Academy!


New videos of ladies styling and cha cha cha are added every Tuesday & Thursday with more than 30 hours of recorded classes already available for you to train at your own pace. If this is something you would like to learn just message me ladies ;-)

Check out the video now and don't forget that you still have time to join us! Subscribe anytime to an online program of your choice and let's smile, sweat and train together :-)

Demo from my Cha Cha Cha shines class 💗

🎼"Bombon - Johnny Ventura 👠 Manuel Reina Dance Shoes

Can't wait to dance with you again and share the positive vibes with everyone!


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