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November's Special 🤩

Dear dancers,

Thank you everyone for dancing with me each week and wrapping me in all this positive energy.

I'm so grateful and appreciate each opportunity to connect, learn and share together ❤🌸

As a sign of our appreciation, we prepared a special offer for this month of November !

The offers are available the next 5 days, from November 12th until November 17th.

Check out are offers and get in touch for any other questions -> 📩

Looking forward to dancing with you ✨


Card 10 classes + 4 free - 145€

Package 3 private classes + 1 free - 210€

(Nov 12th - Nov 17th)


Profitez de notre offre spéciale pour ce mois de novembre ! Du 12 au 17 novembre inclus. Découvrez nos offres et n'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute autre question :


Let's dance ✨


Carte 10 cours + 4 offerts - 145€

Pack 3 cours privés + 1 offert - 210€

(du 12 au 17 novembre)

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