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Personal Feedback

In addition to the new series of online classes, I bring you a personal feedback !

I want to help you develop and improve different dancing skills, taking enough time to focus on individual's unique progress and guide you to future improvement.

No matter where are you in your level or how long have you been taking classes with me, it's a great way for you dancers to learn and grow.

With so many of you dancing at home, I feel it's important to strengthening ties with my students by giving you direct feedback about your individual progress. I find in it a supportive nature which allows us to stay motivated and in touch.

I don't want it to be something intimidating but rather inspire self-confidence and motivation. Feel free to ask followup questions if you didn't fully understand my feedback or if you need me to clarify more certain movements. It will definitely help you understand the things you what to change in your dancing or start and continue to work on in the future.

I want to help you reach your dancing goals, keep you motivated and most of all make you feel good about your dancing.

Keep on training, send me your videos any time and stay in touch ;-)

Happy Thursday everyone ! Love to you all !

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