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Hello ladies, Several formulas are available to meet all your needs. Individually or in the form of packages or subscriptions, practice salsa as you wish in both of the studios in Paris. You can decide to come and take a class at any time regardless of the beginning of the season.

Trial class is charged as drop in (1 hour class). If the student subscribes to one of the packages the class counts as the first one within the card.

During the first subscription in the season, the annual membership fee (registration fee) in the amount of 25€ is obligatory. Students who take a drop in class don't need to pay the annual membership fee. Exception for the students who take two or more drop in classes per month. In this case it is necessary to pay a registration fee of 25€.

The validity of the packages starts from the date of purchase. So for example, a card that consists of 10 hrs of dance classes is valid for 3 months starting from the date of purchase. All the cards are nominative, individual, non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Because of the Covid-19 crisis, all students still having valid cards after March 15 can use them until December 18. However, all cards that expired before that date (beginning of quarantine) are no longer valid.

Please pay attention to the expiration date of your card. All the classes not taken before the expiration date will no longer be valid and unfortunately your card will be refused. ​ All the students who take dance classes at PARIS mambo and L'ANNEXE dance studio need to pay an annual membership fee in the amount of 15€. You can make payment directly in the studio on the first day of your class. For more information please contact their managing team. ​

Due to the coronavirus disease the number of participants is limited. Make sure you book your spot for the upcoming classes. You have up to 48H to cancel your booking, however, all the cancelations affected after this period will no longer be available. Therefore, your booked class will be considered as taken. ​

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